NIR sensor

NIR sensor

The NIR sensor is ideal for routine slurry analysis and can measure the variation of dry matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium via infrared light. Measurements are taken in real-time and documented via log files for both fertilizer application and billing. The analysis is based on quantitative data, where the analysis is performed continuously throughout the work process. The method ensures a more valid result compared to lab- and random samples.

Slurry tankers
The NIR sensor is ISOBUS compatible and can be operated via all ISOBUS consoles on the market. The sensor continuously analyzes the nutrient content of the slurry, mapping the allocated amount of dry matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potash. This allows the farmer to determine a more accurate fertilization plan where all crops receive the same amount of nutrients. The re-fertilization can be determined by the NIR sensor’s analysis, so you never over-fertilize.

Slurry trailers
Slurry is bought and sold based on its nutrient content. The amount of dry matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potashium are therefore extremely important parameters, all of which help to set the price of the slurry. The NIR sensor enables a faster and more efficient analysis process where test results can be accessed via Dinamica’s tablet solution.

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