Loadmaster a100

Loadmaster a100 is the leading CAN-based weighing system in the industry. The system combines advanced sensor technology and signal processing techniques, which together provide accurate and consistent weight information. Loadmaster a100 increases productivity and is designed to work in heavy load environments and weather conditions. The system compensates for uneven, sloping surfaces, which reduces driving and maximizes weighted tons per hour.

TT Weigh

TT Weigh is a simple and cost-friendly weighing system for agricultural wagons. The weighing system builds on the latest technologies
hydraulic weighing via real-time pressure measurement. TT Weigh informs the operator of the exact load in tonnes, kilos or lbs and can also be set to provide an alarm when the maximum load entered is exceeded.


The Weighlog a10 is suitable for retrofitting telescopic loaders, front loaders, wheel loaders and skid steers. The weighing system can handle up to 10 different tools, e.g.
shovels or forks. The system measures the hydraulic pressure under the lift by using up to 4 sensors at different positions, while making up for pressure changes in the system. The A10 can handle 30 products, 30 customers and up to 5 different product blends.