Teejet Matrix 430

TeeJet Matrix 430 is a user-friendly and affordable guidance system for navigating the field both day and night. The console is easy to install and operated via the console’s intuitive icons. The TeeJet Matrix 430 enables a more efficient workflow while minimizing overlaps.

Teejet spray solutions

Optimize the efficiency of your chemicals and minimize waste using TeeJet spray nozzles. The spray nozzles are designed to deliver accurate performance and a more accurate penetration. TeeJet is responding to the growing demand for innovative and more efficient technologies for spraying, fertilization and sowing.

TeeJet guidance and management

Increase productivity through TeeJet’s many precision solutions for agriculture. TeeJet offers a wide range of GPS-based technologies to maximize the efficiency and productivity of field work. The innovative products are designed to minimize skips and overlap, as well as reduce stress, time and fatigue.