The general terms of trade set out in the general agreement shall apply to the extent that they are not derogated from by written agreement between the parties.

Thorsen-Teknik A/S advises the client within his own area of experience and to the best knowledge at the time of advice, but takes the reserving that later acquired experience may lead to other solutions. Advice is based on the information provided to Thorsen-Teknik A/S by the customer. Offers are valid for 30 days from the date of offer, if nothing else is stated, subject to intermediate sales. All offers are sent by e-mail. When booking after the expiry of the offer deadline, Thorsen-Teknik A/S reserves the right to withdraw or change the offer.

in quotes, order confirmations and contracts are daily prices excluding vat. VAT and taxes. Thorsen-Teknik A/S reserves the right to change prices in the event of significant changes in production costs, labour, raw material, subcontracting, exchange rates, discount, as well as in the event of events covered by paragraph 8.

TIME Delivery time
is stated in the written order confirmation, provided that all technical details and formalities for the execution of the order are available at this time. Otherwise, the delivery time shall be calculated from the time when all the conditions have been corrected. Failure to complete the job or parts thereof at the agreed time, if otherwise agreed, the customer is not obliged to pay as if the delivery has been completed. In addition, Thorsen-Teknik A/S may terminate the contract and claim compensation from the customer for damage caused by the customer’s negligence to Thorsen-Teknik A/S. If the delay in delivery is due to an event referred to in paragraph 8 or the customer’s action or lack of action, the delivery time is extended accordingly.

Thorsen-Teknik A/S will deliver any parts at a daily price in Denmark. Shipping is at the buyer’s expense and risk.

All invoices are sent by e-mail.

Payment must be made according to agreed payment condition on the order confirmation. For orders under DKK 1,000,- a handling fee of DKK 100 will be applied,-. Thorsen-Teknik A/S reserves the right to demand a guarantee of payment prior to delivery. Thorsen-Teknik A/S reserves ownership of the item until full payment has been made. If the buyer does not meet his payment condition, Thorsen-Teknik A/S has the right to take back the goods/service. If the customer does not make payment in a timely manner, Thorsen-Teknik A/S is entitled to calculate interest of 2.0% per month started from the due date. If the buyer has not paid due amounts at the due time, Thorsen-Teknik A/S is entitled to terminate the contract by written notification to the customer or to withhold the delivery in whole or in part. Thorsen-Teknik A/S is entitled to change payment terms for future deliveries without notice.

For parts of foreign products included in the delivery, e.g. electrical accessories, automation, etc., the same warranty that Thorsen-Teknik A/S receives from the subcontractor. If defects in the delivery are detected during the warranty period, Thorsen-Teknik A/S will carry out free of charge and as soon as possible repairs and renewals as necessary. Shipping to and from Thorsen-Teknik A/S is not included.

The buyer must review the delivery without delay after receipt to ensure that it is intact and in accordance with the order. The buyer can claim compensation for defects only if a complaint has been made without delay after receipt of the goods. The loss, expenses or costs associated with re-ordering, reordering, repairing, removing or taking equivalent measures with defective products cannot be claimed against Thorsen-Teknik A/S.

Thorsen-Teknik A/S is not responsible for operation, time, profit or similar indirect loss, nor against third parties.

Thorsen-Teknik A/S is only liable for damages if it is demonstrated that the damage is caused by maladministration by Thorsen-Teknik A/S. Thorsen-Teknik A/S has taken out product liability insurance in Denmark for personal and property damage, respectively, and cannot in a single case meet with a claim for damages that exceeds the amount in the policy.

If Thorsen-Teknik A/S is subject to product liability, the customer is obliged to sue at thorsen-Teknik A/S’s home. Danish Law must be applied. Thorsen-Teknik A/S is not responsible for damage to immovable property or movable property that occurs while the delivery is in progress. Thorsen-Teknik A/S is also not liable for damage to products manufactured by the customer or to products in which they are incorporated. Thorsen-Teknik A/S is in no case liable for operating losses, lost profits or other economic consequences. If a third party claims liability against one of the parties under this paragraph, that party shall immediately inform the other party thereof.

Thorsen-Teknik A/S is entitled to terminate the contract by written notification to the customer when its performance becomes impossible for Thorsen-Teknik A/S due to war, strike, lockout, political conditions or other force majeure over which Thorsen-Teknik A/S is not in control. The same applies to delays or shortages of subcontracting.

All information on weight, dimension, capacity, price, technical and other data listed in catalogues, prospectuses, circulars, ads, imagery and price lists is approximate and is binding only to the extent explicitly referred to them. All submitted drawings and descriptions remain the property of Thorsen-Teknik A/S and may not be copied, reproduced, handed over to or otherwise brought to the attention of third parties without permission. The ownership of drawings and descriptions necessary to enable the customer to start up, operate and maintain the product is transferred to the customer. However, Thorsen-Teknik A/S requires them to remain confidential.

All cases concerning the proper understanding of the contract and other matters relating to the legal relationship between the customer and Thorsen-Teknik A/S are finally settled in the ordinary courts and under Danish law.


Thorsen-Teknik A/S makes reservations for errors/typing errors, price and exchange rate changes.

13. RTK

Billing of
RTK subscriptions
Subscriptions created q1 will be billed around January 20.

Subscriptions created in q2 will be billed around April 20.

Subscriptions created q3 will be billed around July 20.

Subscriptions created in q4 will be billed around October 20.

We have noted in our system the creation date and the subscription will therefore be active until the same date subsequent year. That is, a subscription that was created on April 11, 2015, is not available. 17/03-2023 is active until d. 17/03-2023.

Please note that there are 3 moons’ denunciation of sim cards. The denunciation must be notified in writing at kontor@thorsen-teknik.dk where cvr. number, customer number and sim card number must be provided. The termination is not registered with us until you receive an email confirmation. The email will state the date your SIM card will be closed. The sim card must be returned to Thorsen-Teknik, Søndergården 32, 9640 Farsø.

14. Service subscriptions


Point 1.1

The Thorsen-Teknik service subscription includes 1 annual service visit. The price includes a start-up fee and the first 2 hours of work. Subsequent hours in connection with the service visit are billed at the normal hourly rate, but with a service subscription discount of 25%.

*(See point 2 for more information)

Point 1.2

The subscriber can access free telephone support during normal business hours and also receives favorable prices for telephone support outside of normal business hours.

*(See more under prices point 4)

Point 1.3

The subscriber gets the opportunity to attend an annual training, theme and networking day with meals. One person per subscription may attend the annual training, theme and networking day held at Thorsen-Teknik. Courses for more people can be purchased.

*(See more under prices point 4)

Point 1.4

When updating/function checking equipment, all devices must be available at the same place/time, otherwise there will be an extra charge for driving. Thorsen-Teknik chooses the time for service visits in consultation with the customer. Updates/function checks will be performed by either Thorsen-Teknik or a service partner.

Item 2: Included in the price

  • Start-up fee and first 2 hours of work *(See more under point 1.1)
  • 25% discount on subsequent hours in connection with the service visit *(See more under point 1.1)
  • Equipment update *(See more under point 1.4)
  • Equipment calibration *(See more under point 1.4)
  • Update connected tools *(See more under point 1.4)
  • Checking for errors and correcting them
  • Service check
  • Data backup is performed at the service visit
  • Access to training and networking day *(See more under point 1.3)
  • Free phone support during business hours *(See more under point 1.3)

NON-Service Subscriptions

  • Telephone support during business hours 173.75 per quarter started. *
  • Telephone support outside business hours 1085DKK per hour started *
  • Participation in the annual course, theme and network day 495DKK per participant.

Monday 07.30 – 16.00
Tuesday 07.30 – 16.00
Wednesday 07.30 – 16.00
Thursday 07.30 – 16.00
Friday 07.30 – 14.15
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Service subscriptions – Terms
of Trade
The subscription agreement is active at the time of signing this contract and has a term of 12 months. The agreement shall be renewed automatically after 12 months if the second agreement is not available. If the agreement is to be terminated, this shall be done by written notice by one of the parties concerned. There is a 14-day commitment to the subscription and any remaining amounts will not be refunded. ThorsenTeknik makes reservations for printing errors and community-based price corrections. Price changes are individually announced at least 20 days before effective. The subscriber therefore has the opportunity to reconsider the basis of the agreement.
• Subscriptions created in q1 will be billed around January 20. • Subscriptions created in q2 will be billed around April 20th. • Subscriptions created in q3 will be billed around July 20. • Subscriptions created in q4 will be billed around October 20th.
We have noted in our system the signature date and the subscription will therefore be active until the same date subsequent year. That is, a subscription that was created on April 11, 2015, is not available. 17/03-2023 is active until d. 17/03-2023.