The NIR sensor is ideal for routine analysis of slurry and can measure the variation of dry matter, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium via infrared light. Measurements are taken in real-time and documented via log files for both fertilizer application and billing. The analysis is based on quantitative data, where the analysis is performed continuously throughout the work process. The method ensures a more valid result compared to lab- and random samples.

ISOBUS – Control module

ISOBUS control modules is a bridge between the market’s various ISOBUS terminals and “non-ISOBUS-prepared” agricultural implements. The module ensures greater utilization of the tools in question, via handling of automatic section control (ASC) and/or variable rate controle (VRC). The ISOBUS control module is easy to install, user-friendly and can be operated via any ISOBUS terminal on the market.


RTK-based implement controle enables a more precise workflow, where both tractor and tool are in focus. ImpSteer streamlines crop management and also minimizes stress effects on the driver. The precise track-in-track berification of the soil enables mechanical cleaning, weeding and many other post-processing of the crop.


EIKSteer is a steering solution for tractors and machines where the driver can control the wheels via a proportional tilt switch. The joystick is a good ergonomic solution for anyone who has problems with shoulder, back and neck wear. EIKSteer provides a better working environment and makes many tasks more comfortable to perform.

EIKSteer Cameleon

EIKSteer Cameleon enables more optimal management of agricultural tools where crop processing is the focus. The joystick optimizes the control of side breaks, minimizing any crop damage in the field. The system provides a better yield result regardless of crop and the driver can operate most functions via the joystick.


RosPlough plough steering provides a more uniform ploughing, where unevenness and different slope are minimized in the finished result. The system provides a better towing line between tractor and plough, resulting in less power consumption and less wheel slip, it is therefore possible to save money on both fuel and wear parts. RosPlough is ISOBUS-compatible and can be operated via any ISOBUS console on the market.


ISO-RosCrop is an ISOBUS-compatible plant system available in two versions: On the Go and Stop ‘n Go. The On the Go function includes planting at speed, whereas Stop ‘n Go is dedicated to vehicles where the task must be performed while the machine is stationary. The ISO-RosCrop system can use a GPS system based on RTK signals plant/then with a precision of +/- 2.5cm.

Usb Wifi Sync

USB Wifi Sync enables data sharing, synchronization and automatic backup across tractor brands. Usb Wifi Sync consists of a small device, which is inserted into the GPS consoles that you want linked. The system communicates with an online server via wifi, enabling synchronization every five minutes.

Control modules

Control modules from Thorsen.Technique for the management of tools that do not
are prepared for ISOBUS. It is possible to use control modules
either with connection to existing tool monitor or to
retrofitting to the tool.

Control modules can handle both variable rate control (VRC), automatic section control (ASC) and CropSpec.

ISOBUS Options

ISOBUS is the general name of standard ISO 11783. This standard allows the agricultural and forest industry to standardize components such as connectors, cable networks and software. With an ISOBUS-prepared tool, tool activation and automatic tool automation can be integrated with, for example, auto-guide. The electron unit of the tool (ECU) controls the tool and the activation can be operated from an independent screen, which communicates with the ECU of the tool.