TOPCON XD+ 12,1″

Topcon XD + is a user-friendly and future-proof GPS console for agriculture. The console can be adapted to the customer’s needs and enables step-by-step and on-demand upgrades for optimal utilization of the equipment. Topcon XD + is unlocked by default for Guidance tracking, TAP, task data and ISOBUS display. Purchase unlock codes at your local Topcon dealer.


Topcon XD can be used as a simple Guidance solution or high-precision RTK solution at the user’s request. The XD console can be mounted on both prepared and unprepared machines / tractors via self-produced cable solutions and possibly Topcon’s AES-35 electric steering wheel The Topcon XD consoles are compatible with the following antennas: AGM-1 (Guidance), AGS-2 (Auto Steering) and AGI-4 (Auto Steering).

TOPCON X35 12.1″

The Topcon X35 is the ultimate GPS console for both size and function. The Topcon X35 can handle ISOBUS, automatic section control, variable assignment, remote support, and more. The X consoles are highly removable and can be used on two or more machines to make full use of the products.

Topcon X25 8.4″

The Topcon X25 is a highly reliable and user-friendly GPS console with a high functionality. The GPS console can handle ISOBUS, remote assistance, automatic section control and more. The Topcon X25 can be successfully upgraded to Advanced, enabling variable assignment and several other features.

Topcon AGS-2

Topcon AGS-2 is a future-proof and high-tech auto-steering antenna, specially designed for agriculture and its many challenges. The antenna is designed in a weather-resistant design, which protects the device from dust, moisture, heat and cold. The weather-resistant design ensures long life, as well as optimal reception conditions in exposed
environments. The antenna can receive correction signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou, ensuring a stable and more sustained signal reception.

Topcon AGM-1

Topcon AGM-1 is a compact Guidance antenna, which enables basic and affordable tracking. The antenna can receive correction signals from GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and Beidou, which ensures a stable and continuous signal reception in the working situation in question. The antenna is designed in a weather-proof design, which protects the device from dust, moisture, heat and cold. The weather-resistant design ensures a long service life, as well as optimal receiver conditions in exposed environments.


ISOBUS Apollo is an accurate, fast-reacting and user-friendly control and control system for syringes. The Apollo system enables a more flexible spraying system in the form of ISOBUS connectivity, automatic section control (ASC) and Variable dosing
(VRC). Apollo works on all ISOBUS compatible terminals regardless of


Athene is an electronic precision system for retrofitting to towed spreaders. The system ensure a more accurate dispersion quantity, as well as better utilisation of bulk products (fertilizer, lime, sand etc.). Athene operates on all ISOBUS compatible terminals regardless of make.

ISOBUS Artemis

Artemis is an electronic control system for retrofitting to sole machines. The system enables section control (ASC) and variable allocation (VRC) for up to four different products. The control system is ISOBUS-compatible and can be operated via all ISOBUS consoles on the market.


YieldTrakk allows real-time yield, moisture and speed measurements. Mapping provides farmers with optimal conditions to improve yield and crop quality, as well as to make correct strategic decisions in the machining process. All data save for future use.


CropSpec biomass sensors enable variable allocation via real-time measurements of the crop in question. The use of real-time measurements ensure an optimal and more accurate allocation of e.g. pesticides and fertilizers. All data is stored so that it is later possible to analyze and use old dosing cards.

Conveyor YieldTrakk

Conveyor YieldTrakk can be used for live monitoring and collecting high-quality data in
special crops or for installation at industrial crushing and sorting plants. System
maps the yield via high-precision load cells from Digi-Star in combination with driving speed, wastage percentage, position, conveyor speed and slope measurements.
Conveyor Yield Trakk is a universal system that can be mounted on all elevator machines and operated via any ISOBUS terminal.