Thorsen-Teknik A/S
Thorsen-Teknik is a Danish precision and technology company primarily engaged in retrofitted precision solutions for agriculture. The company has a large self-production of hard and software solutions, which include EIKSteer, RosCrop, RosPlough, ImpSteer and USB WIFI Sync, as well as a highly specialized development and production of interfaces for various agricultural tools. The company consists of 12 employees as well as a large number of external dealers in both Denmark and Norway. All employees are assigned a specific area of responsibility within the company, which ensures an efficient customer management where the customer is in focus.

The company has a strong focus on upgrading and optimizing older machines via retrofitted precision equipment. Precision development has long since exploded and many older machines are being replaced due to a lack of preconditions and thorsen-Teknik can play a significant role here. This is often a major investment when new machines are purchased and most are not familiar with retrofitted precision equipment, which gives them exactly the same opportunities for technological high precision as on new machines. The retrofit solution for spreaders, sowing machines, syringes and other machinery can in many cases be both cheaper and better than a newly purchased machine.


Distributor in Denmark
and Norway
Thorsen-Teknik is the Danish and Norwegian main distributor of Topcon and Raven GPS autostyring and since 2009 has marketed, sold and serviced hard and serviced hard and serviced hard and serviced software from Topcon, Raven, NORAC, RDS and Digi-star.

Innovation and customer
The company focuses on innovative and future-proof solutions for agricultural machinery and at the same time provides qualified advice and sparring within machine optimization.

Thorsen-Teknik is based on a reverse process analysis, focusing primarily on the end product. The company therefore works on the basis of a thorough visualization of the end product, which is created through experience, knowledge, innovation and the involvement of the customer’s practical information. This ensures the maximum value of the final product in the form of user interface, functions, etc.

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